This month's Beauty is Grant Schmitt’s Chevy Tahoe. When asked to describe his tahoe, he said, “plastic, rubber, metal.” An actual description would be a large navy blue SUV, with tinted windows, chromed out Chevy emblem. It's a 2007 Tahoe with 170,000 miles. His parents bought the SUV from Moreland Auto Sales in St. Elmo. Grant's dream car is a Bugatti Chiron, but his realistic dream car is Tony Klitzing’s Toyota Camry. Some of his favorite memories with the Tahoe are “ drivin’ my boat down to newton Lake,” and “ trying to fit a 3’x 5’ trebuchet in the back.”


This month’s Beater is Nate Brown’s XLT Ford Ranger. He describes it as, “a beautiful, reliable, red, four tired, two door, truck with a top speed of 140 -- and it has a windshield. It has four wheel drive and the paint is luscious.” The truck is a 1999 Ford Ranger with 208,000 miles that he received from his grandma that was his grandpa’s old truck. Nate’s dream car is a 1997 Jeep Wrangler, his realist dream car is the same, a 1997 Jeep Wrangler. His favorite memories with the truck are my “grandpa teaching me to steer, getting up every weekend early to get coffee, driving 100 mph on a country with Trenton Beccue in the bed, drag racing around town and running stop signs with Brennyn Abendroth . . . (but he doesn't do this now! "That was sophomore year. I was a delinquent.") Then there is this one time I pulled a semi with my Ford Ranger. (There was a lot of smoke).”