I asked 1 athlete from each Fall sport these same questions. What position do you play? When did you start playing? What do you enjoy about the sport? Why do you play the sport? Do you have any role models? Do you think you’ll play after high school?

Allyson Hardiek is on the cross country team. She started playing this year. She enjoys how all the running keeps her in shape. Her biggest role model is JoAnna Shultz. She doesn’t foresee herself running cross country after high school. The last thing she had to say was “Join cross country. It really ain’t dat bad.”

Rachel Jackman is on the volleyball team. Her position is middle. She started playing in junior high. When asked about why she plays, her response was, “I play because I like hitting it in peoples’ faces and our coach is awesome.” She said her role models are Tinley Mette, Leah Mayhaus, and Caitlyn White. She said it would be awesome if she played after high school but doesn’t know if she will.

Patrick Tkachuck plays on the soccer team. His position switches between stopper and sweeper. He started playing his freshman year. He said, “I play to hit some zingers with Donovan Delaney.” When asked about his future soccer career he said, “You can see me in next year’s world cup playing for Wisconsin.” The last thing he had to say was, “I like to live my life by this philosophy, 'Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, can’t be fooled again'."

Nathan Hill is a member of the golf team. He started golfing his freshman year. He said he plays because it’s fun and the team is hilarious. His biggest role model is Dustin Johnson. He said he expects to play after high school.

Noah Teasley plays baseball. His position is short-stop. He started playing when he was a little kid. His response to why he plays was, “I play because I feel alive out on the field.” One of his role models is Yadier Molina. He expects to play in college, and says he hopes one day he’ll make it to the MLB. The last thing he had to say was “Go, Cardinals.”