The printers in our school have issues. They go from functioning perfectly to spewing out many papers with gibberish. The printers start to have problems when they are overwhelmed with many large documents in a short period of time. Once this happens, the printers seem to lock up and not respond to any more commands. Clicking “print” repeatedly on the same document doesn’t help the situation at all. Eventually, the printers will print everything that was sent to them, so every time we click “print” on a document means another copy.

Another issue that has recently been discovered is that Google Drive on some computers is duplicating documents. Google Drive is not just duplicating a few, extra copies, it is duplicating up to thousands of the same document. This issue is causing Google Drive on some computers to have extremely long load times. Some classes do not require students to use their Google Drive; however, there are classes that it is mandatory in. Comp IV uses Google Drive constantly. Students type their papers on Google Docs, and then they have to enter their Google Drive to share their papers with Mrs. Stuckemeyer so she can grade the papers.

Although there are issues with the school’s printers and Google Drive on some computers, these issues can be avoided. When the printers seem to not be working properly, instead of pressing “print” repeatedly, just be patient and wait for the printer to process through all the documents. Also, when we are done using documents on our computers, we should delete those documents so our Google Drives won’t be cluttered.