There has been a need for more gun safety after the recent attacks; for example, the Las Vegas incident last month. Many questions arise. How can we make this country safe again? Is there a way we can make gun laws more stict so we don’t have problems like this?

I am all for the right to bare arms as long as the gun is used properly and for the right reasons. Don’t use a gun just for show. Did you know that if you were a domestic abuser, on the terror watchlist, and/or blind, it’s not that hard for you to get a gun? There are so many loopholes in our “gun eligibility” standards you need to meet in order to get a gun.

I want it to be harder for people like that to get a firearm. I want more strict gun laws for people to feel safe when going out somewhere. When Trainwreck came out in 2015, a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana was shot up 20 minutes after the movie finished. The shooter murdered 21-year old Mayci Breaux and 33-year old Jillian Johnson. He was a domestic abuser.

Background checks are not enough. A psychological evaluation should be included in order to get a gun. More laws need to be put in place now. People shoudln't have to lose their lives because of the loopholes in the system. How many people have to be slaughtered before the government wakes up and realize this needs to be fixed?