On March 15th, Lil’ Dicky released his first new song since his 2015 album Professional Rapper. The new song is called “Freaky Friday.” Much like the movie Freaky Friday, two people switch bodies. But instead of a mother and her daughter, it was Chris Brown and Lil’ Dicky. The music video has the same plot as the movie, Lil Dicky is complaining about not being famous enough and Chris Brown is on the TV complaining about being famous. They then switch bodies. In my opinion, the song has too much of a plot to be a song. A song should not need a backstory, it should not have a storyline at all. The song does have a good sound and was well received, at the top of iTunes “Best of the Week” “Freaky Friday” was a hit. With celebrity cameos like Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner, the song has 14M views on Youtube, and is number two on the charts. Lil’ Dicky will release his album soon, but has not said when. His presence on Twitter is the only way to know, as he did with “Freaky Friday.” He first said that his single was going to be released before the end of February, then on February 26th, he tweeted:

“I know I said my first single/video drops in February, but March 8 will officially be the day that we change the world forever”

-Lil Dicky, (@lildickytweets)

but he recanted this as well. On March 6th, he tweeted:

“In an effort to get as much love on my b day as possible, I’m not putting my first single out 3/15. Sorry! But its [sic] the best music video ever”

-Lil’ Dicky, (@lildickytweets)

So who knows when Lil’ Dicky will drop his sophomore album, let’s just  hope it’s sooner rather than later.