On Thursday January 19, we had an assembly in the gym. The school invited a speaker to come and speak to us. The speaker brought with him a strong positive message. The speaker’s name is Brad Hurtig. Brad shared his amazing story with everyone. Brad also spread his message,”Find a Way”.

Brad’s story of how he was working one night in a factory and lost his hands, and how he overcame the lost of his hands was truly inspiring. He talked about how he returned to football. He also talked about his football coach. He told a story about how his football put Brad’s water bottle on the ground and told Brad that if he was thirsty enough that he would find a way. A phrase that later became the root of Brad’s message. “Find a Way”.

Brad told us about how when he returned to football he had to start small by being the kicker. He eventually worked back up to his position. Brad’s story was truly inspiring. Brad also brought with him some friends. A band called “The Stray” performed two songs for everyone in the gym. If there’s one thing to take away from this assembly, it is that no matter what happens you can overcome any obstacle. You just have to find a way.