I'm very excited to introduce Class Dojo to first grade! 

Class Dojo is a behavior management tool that keeps the teacher, parent, and student in touch with each other at all times. The students can access the site or app at home and customize their avatar, or monster, as well as see how many points/strikes they currently have. As a parent, you can send messages to the teacher and also see how your student is doing behaviorally for the week, month, or year. 

I will always give at least two warnings to a student before I give them a strike, and I will always let them know when they get a point/strike and what it was for. I have the site open on the smartboard and let the students see how they are doing for the day, at least a couple of times a day. 

I will have fun incentives throughout the year for students to work towards. They all love it so far and I think it will be a huge success this year. 

I have sent home a few letters with codes so you can create and register an account at home. If you need an extra copy, just let me know. 

Check out the website here: Class Dojo

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  • Swimming Preview

    Last year two guys, Jacob Crow and Hayden Voelker,  started a boys

    swim team, even though said team wasn’t actually a team, they still competed as individuals. The girl’s swimmer , Brooke Stuckemeyer, has competed her whole high school career. The ACHS swim team has had at most 3 people ever, but this year five new freshmen boys have joined. One is an experienced swimmer, tyler Stuckemeyer. The other four, Kolby Brewer, Sam Mathesius, Isaac Crow, and Will Overton, have never swam competitively. Now that the boys swim team is actually a team with 6 people, they can compete in meets as a school.

                The boys sectionals is on February 17, and the girls is November 11. Hayden will compete in 100 breaststroke, 200 medley relay, and possibly a 200 freestyle relay. Tyler will compete in 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle and 200 medley relay. The other male swimmers are unsure of what events they would like to compete in. Brooke will compete in 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke.

    Though swimming isn’t the most popular sport at Altamont, we still do have a

    swim team. Many think that swimming isn’t a very challenging sport, but you would be surprised. If you would like to watch a meet, talk to any of the swimmers or Mrs. Stuckemeyer.

  • Baseball Season Wrap-Up

    The Altamont Indians 2017 Fall Baseball season has ended, and the Indians managed a 14-7 record, 7 games over .500, which is a very nice season. Led by seniors Kolby Pemberton, Wyatt Vaughn, and Kaleb Whitt, the Indians pulled out some very nice victories, and also lost some very close games. The highlights of the season were the four walk off victories throughout the year. Kolby Pemberton had a walk off against the North Clay Cardinals, Wyatt Vaughn was the hero against Brownstown-St. Elmo, against the South Central Cougars Connor Reardon was the hero, and in the victory against the Woodlawn Cardinals, Kaden Eirhardt was the hero.


    The Indians were led on the offensive side by Kaleb Whitt, Wyatt Vaughn, Alek Biggs, and Kolby Pemberton. The leader in batting average was Kaleb WHitt, with a .455 average, Wyatt Vaughn, and Alek Biggs were not far behind. The player that scored the most amount of runs was junior Dakota Kuhlman and the two Indians with the most RBIs are Kaleb Whitt with 20, and Kolby Pemberton with 18. On the mound, Pemberton was the leader of IP with 39.2. Pemberton also had the lowest ERA with 1.41. The Indians were a very good team this fall, and we can only hope for a better spring season from our high school baseball team.


    The largest margin of victory for the Indians was 12 runs, and they pulled that off against the Mulberry Grove Aces. Wyatt Vaughn led the Indians with 3 hits in that game, and Kaleb Whitt led the way with 4 RBIs. Vaughn also led the way on the mound, throwing 5.0 innings, and striking out 6.


    The Indians also put together two 10-run victories against the Ramsey Rams, and the Beecher City-Cowden-Herrick Bobcats.