There are two reading programs that we will be interacting with this year. Our main reading source will be Reading Street, our shool reading series. We will have one story each week, with a comprehension and sight word test every Friday. 

In addition to Reading Street, we will also be launching a take home reading program. Your student will bring home a white folder with a small book that is at their reading level. The problem with Reading Street is that the stories progress steadily in reading level. If students don't pick up their level quickly, the are soon reading at below level. This contributes to a frustration level and general sense of being overwhelmed. With the take home reading level, they are reading at their level, hopefully boosting confidence in their reading and adding worthwile practice to their daily reading time. 

Please make sure both the Reading book and Take Home Reading folder are returned to school each morning.




Tips for Parents - Reading at Home


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