The honors program for the Class of 2018 will be held on Wednesday May 2nd at 2:00 pm in the high school gym. We invite you all to attend to support our graduates. If you would like to present a scholarship, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be included in the program.
Schumacher Orthodontics is happy to announce their "Smiles 4 Schools" donation of $400 to Altamont Community School District. The donation will go towards the student incentive fund. Every time a student from our district makes the decision to start treatment at Schumacher Orthodontics, they donate $50 back to Altamont Schools. The program has donated over $37,500 to area schools. Thank you for choosing Schumacher Orthodontics.
To kick off Young Readers Week and the book fair, AGS held a school wide assembly on Tuesday. Students enjoyed visitors from The World Bird Sanctuary. A huge thank you to PTO and student council for making this possible!

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  • Band Performance at Busch Stadium

    Sunday April 8th the ACHS Band took a trip to St. Louis to play before the Cardinals vs. Diamondbacks game. The band has been playing at Busch Stadium for four consecutive years, ever since Mrs. Berg became the teacher. Performing here is a big fundraiser for the band allowing them to raise funds for the band department. Every year the place is packed to see the ACHS Band perform. The band usually has a set list of at least ten songs, as well as cadences for the drum line. The band members helped select their best pep band songs to perform at the game. The day of the performance the weather was not very pleasing. Forty degrees with high winds is not an ideal atmosphere to play an instrument in. Despite the weather, the band played well. It’s hard to get a well-rounded sound in the cold but the band managed to do so. The crowd definitely enjoyed to see a great performance right before the game. The community was also very happy to see the hard work from the students pay off. When asked about his favorite part of the game Austin Wendling, a senior band member, said “I enjoyed the fight, my least favorite part was the cold weather.” Also when asked if there was one thing he could change he replied with, “The weather!” After the performance the band members enjoyed watching the game with their friends, and had a great time!

    Despite the cold weather and the St. Louis Cardinals losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks, it was a successful day for the ACHS Band.

  • Vision 20/20

    On April 11 the Vision 20/20 breakfast took place at the Carriage House Event Center. The purpose of the breakfast was to talk about the future of Effingham County. Many business owners from around Effingham County were in attendance. The breakfast allowed many people to talk about what can be done to improve the County. The breakfast was put on by the Effingham Chamber of Commerce. The breakfast had a few speakers too; the speakers talked about what the future if Effingham county could be. One speaker was Dr. Josh Bullock, the President of Lakeland College. He discussed a new project which was a center of Ag mechanics and Engineering school in Effingham. This school would be available to all area high school students. The center was estimated to be done by 2023, and it could be a great opportunity for area students interested in the engineering and ag fields. The future of Effingham County is bright and the breakfast highlighted this. For more information go to the Effingham Chamber of Commerce website: