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Sportsmanship. There is the sportsmanship that we all hope to portray and there is poor sportsmanship. We do not receive a lot of positive sportsmanship reports during the course of the school year but when we do, we post those reports on our website. I hope you will take the time to read those that we have received for the 2015-16 school year. I know that the reports posted are only a fraction of the positive sportsmanship acts that have occurred this school year in our member schools and, to that end, I encourage you to submit a report of good sportsmanship that you may witness so we can share the positive news.

Unfortunately, the number of bad sportsmanship reports resulting in ejections we have received this year is reaching record numbers. Year after year, the majority of the ejection reports are attributed to basketball. Last year, in all IESA activities we had 48 reported ejections. Of those 48 ejections, basketball (girls and boys)accounted for 75% of the ejections. This school year is no different, Eighty percent of the ejections received to date have occurred during a basketball contest. The most unfortunate part about these numbers is 90% of the ejections were adults---either coaches or parents/fans.

At the beginning of the school year we had students with problems being able to access the internet using their school issued Chromebook at home or off campus.  We have resolved the issue but we still had some students saying they were having issues.  It took a while to replicate what the students were seeing and we have made some changes to make that better.  First - remember that our Chromebooks are behind the school filtering system and logged ALL the time, and if for some reason the Chrombook is not able to pass the web traffic through our filters and log the traffic then the internet just does not work.  This is related to the latest problems we have been seeing but the filtering and logging is working correctly.

The problem is a "The cart before the horse" type of problem.  Let me explain.

When students are ON campus our WiFi and network system is able to identify each individual Chromebook and it knows who that Chromebook was issued to and it filters that Chromebook based on that.  If it knows the Chromebook was issued to a student then it gets filtered as a student.  Students do not have to log into the filtering system (LightSpeed) when they are on campus.  But OFF campus WiFi and network systems are not able to identify the Chromebooks the same way so there is a different way to identify who is using the Chromebook. OFF campus students have to log into the LightSpeed system to get access to the internet.  This is where some students have had some confusion.  Up to 9-16-15 we had the student Chromebooks set to load TWO web pages when the system started.  One was the school Google calendar and the other is a Symbaloo page which is a collection of internet links that students use to access educational materials on the internet.  When the Chrome browser on the Chromebooks opens more than one internet web page at a time it puts each page in its own tab.  One of the tabs will be active and all the other tabs will be inactive.  You cannot see what is on the inactive tabs until you click on the tab near the top of the browser.  This is how we had the cart before the horse.  The student Chromebooks were opening the Google calendar as the active tab and the Symbaloo page as an inactive tab that was BEHIND the active calendar tab.  The Google calendar page uses a secure web page that sends encrypted information to the Chromeook to protect the user from having the information in the page intercepted by a hacker.  The Symbaloo page is a "normal" http:// page that does NOT use an encrypted connection.  We found that when students started their computer they would see an error on the encrypted calendar page that looked something like:

chrome Not Private 1 650x341

The page indicated an error and stated that the connection was not private.  Many students knew that they had to click on the "Advanced" link on the left side to bypass this "error" and continue on to use the internet.  After they clicked "Advanced" they would get another page asking them if they wanted to proceed even with the risk of having their information being in open view to anyone that is watching the connection.  They usually clicked the "proceed to . . " link on the next page (see below) and it usually would load the pages in spite of the encryption not being correct.  In the cases where this worked our system was still filtering all the web pages and logging what pages were looked at by whom.


chrome Not Private 2 650x341

BUT in some cases this second click did not seem to work.  The student would get a page that said that their internet access had been suspended.  It looked something like:



The students that reported to us that their internet was not working at home would throw up their hands at this point and were giving up.

BUT . . . 

Most other students knew to check that other tab that was not opened.  When they checked the other tab that was supposed to load the Symbaloo page they saw a LightSpeed login page that looked something like:



These students knew that they would have to log in using their USERNAME and password.  The username is NOT the same as their email, it is the name BEFORE the @ in the email address.  So a student with the email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

would have the username of


The password is the same password they have been using to log into their Chromebook since the beginning of the year.  Once they logged into that page then USUALLY the internet took off and started working fine.  (In some cases the login page did not advance to another web page like the Symbaloo page so students would have to close the browser and open it up again and all would be fine.)

So - How do we fix this?

Well - TECHNICALLY there was no problem - but due to the way students were seeing things it looked like there was a problem.  (That is what was driving the tech guys batty - there was no problem - everything was working fine!)  To HELP the issue we changed the ORDER of the web pages that the Chromebooks load up when they start.  Now the Symbaloo page should be the active tab and the page the students see when they start up their Chromebooks off campus (or on campus for that matter.)  The Google calendar page should load in the other tab that is inactive and hidden behind the active web page tab.  This SHOULD present the students with the LightSpeed login screen when they start up the Chromebook off campus and the students should get the idea that they need to log in on this page before anything else works.

Now if they only remember their user names and passwords . . . 

There is always one in the crowd that will not.



The Chromebooks have a really good battery life which actually can end up causing problems.  Since students do not have to charge the Chromebooks as often some do not turn off their Chromebook for days or weeks at a time.  The Chromebooks receive updates pushed through the internet and sometimes these updates require that the device be power cycled (turned off and back on.)  If the device is kept running for days after an update comes through the device may expect that update to be in place when it has not been completed since the device did not power cycle.

Simply put - If you have problems the FIRST thing to try is to shut OFF the Chromebook and turn it back on.

Our school uses Schedule Star to schedule sports events with other schools.  With changing weather conditions and other factors beyond our control the schedules change throughout the year.  We usually post these changes on Facebook and Twitter if they are last minute changes.  Below are some SEASON schedules that should be easy to ready and print out well.

CHECK BACK OFTEN since these schedules will be updated and we will be adding to them as the year goes on.  

Some sports may not be listed here since their schedule has not been finalized as of yet.  Check back and see if the list has been updated. 

Updated 7-27-15

 High School Sports   Grade School / JH Sports 
HS Boys Varsity Baseball  JH Boys Baseball
HS Sophomore Baseball  JH Boys Basketball
HS Boys Varsity Basketball  JH Girls Basketball
HS Girls Varsity Basketball JH Girls Softball
HS CoEd Cross Country  
HS CoEd Golf  
HS Soccer  
HS Varsity Volleyball  
HS Freshman Volleyball  



ACHS SPORTS SCHEDULE CARD IN PDF FORMAT Please note that this printed card may WILL NOT reflect any changes made to the sports schedule since it was printed.  For the most current schedules please use the links above.


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  • Swimming Preview

    Last year two guys, Jacob Crow and Hayden Voelker,  started a boys

    swim team, even though said team wasn’t actually a team, they still competed as individuals. The girl’s swimmer , Brooke Stuckemeyer, has competed her whole high school career. The ACHS swim team has had at most 3 people ever, but this year five new freshmen boys have joined. One is an experienced swimmer, tyler Stuckemeyer. The other four, Kolby Brewer, Sam Mathesius, Isaac Crow, and Will Overton, have never swam competitively. Now that the boys swim team is actually a team with 6 people, they can compete in meets as a school.

                The boys sectionals is on February 17, and the girls is November 11. Hayden will compete in 100 breaststroke, 200 medley relay, and possibly a 200 freestyle relay. Tyler will compete in 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle and 200 medley relay. The other male swimmers are unsure of what events they would like to compete in. Brooke will compete in 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke.

    Though swimming isn’t the most popular sport at Altamont, we still do have a

    swim team. Many think that swimming isn’t a very challenging sport, but you would be surprised. If you would like to watch a meet, talk to any of the swimmers or Mrs. Stuckemeyer.

  • Baseball Season Wrap-Up

    The Altamont Indians 2017 Fall Baseball season has ended, and the Indians managed a 14-7 record, 7 games over .500, which is a very nice season. Led by seniors Kolby Pemberton, Wyatt Vaughn, and Kaleb Whitt, the Indians pulled out some very nice victories, and also lost some very close games. The highlights of the season were the four walk off victories throughout the year. Kolby Pemberton had a walk off against the North Clay Cardinals, Wyatt Vaughn was the hero against Brownstown-St. Elmo, against the South Central Cougars Connor Reardon was the hero, and in the victory against the Woodlawn Cardinals, Kaden Eirhardt was the hero.


    The Indians were led on the offensive side by Kaleb Whitt, Wyatt Vaughn, Alek Biggs, and Kolby Pemberton. The leader in batting average was Kaleb WHitt, with a .455 average, Wyatt Vaughn, and Alek Biggs were not far behind. The player that scored the most amount of runs was junior Dakota Kuhlman and the two Indians with the most RBIs are Kaleb Whitt with 20, and Kolby Pemberton with 18. On the mound, Pemberton was the leader of IP with 39.2. Pemberton also had the lowest ERA with 1.41. The Indians were a very good team this fall, and we can only hope for a better spring season from our high school baseball team.


    The largest margin of victory for the Indians was 12 runs, and they pulled that off against the Mulberry Grove Aces. Wyatt Vaughn led the Indians with 3 hits in that game, and Kaleb Whitt led the way with 4 RBIs. Vaughn also led the way on the mound, throwing 5.0 innings, and striking out 6.


    The Indians also put together two 10-run victories against the Ramsey Rams, and the Beecher City-Cowden-Herrick Bobcats.